The Studio

Our studio is Mod inspired and is large, relaxed, and friendly.


The tattooing area is completely separate from the waiting room, so that privacy is guaranteed. 


Free Wi-fi is available.

Where are we?

The studio can be found on Market Place in the centre of Bourne, above Fenland Carpets.  Direct access to the studio can be gained by the door situated on South Street in between Fenland Carpets and L&H's Hairdressers.  


Mod 'n' Ink received 4 out of 4 stars in the South Kesteven District Council's Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme





We do not have a lot of flash on the walls because we specialise in custom work.  Although, we do have plenty of material in the studio to give you ideas when thinking about your design.


We have some flash sheets designed by our artists so even when you are choosing an 'off the wall' design you can get something unique.


Hygiene & Equipment

Health and Safety is taken very seriously at Mod 'n' Ink, which is why when we opened this, our first studio, we made the decision to work the American and Dutch way, and have a 100% disposable policy. All our needles and tubes are opened in front of the client so you are reassured before you get your tattoo that everything that is used is sealed, brand new and sterile.


All the ink we use is top quality and we have a massive range of colours, as well as the ability to mix our own colours to ensure you get exactly what you want.