Reference Material....

Spend some time looking at designs online or collecting images that you like. The more you have with you to describe what you are imagining, the better.  Reference material is really useful but not essential, it depends on what you want; you may like to give the artist the freedom to explore a subject or you may want to be specific about what you expect. Either is fine, but we always try to fulfill your expectations and there is nothing worse than having a client bring you nothing, tell you to draw anything, and then have them look at the finished drawing and say it looks nothing like they expected! 



At the consultation we will discuss what you want and have a look through the material you have collected.  We will find out about your likes and dislikes and give our opinion on what will work and what won't.  It is best to come to the consultation with an open mind because sometimes the artist can add a different dimension to your ideas. This consultation time gives us the time to find solutions to your needs and wants and create a great design.

It may be best to book a Consultation so that the artist has time set aside to work with you to get your design right.



In order for the artist to start drawing a deposit of £20 (that will be taken off the price of the final tattoo) needs to be paid. This deposit shows that you are serious about the tattoo and warrants the hours the artist spends getting the perfect design for you.


Get Booked In.....

Once we have agreed the final design we will get you booked in.  There is often a waiting list but we will do our upmost to get you in as soon as possible.


Custom Tattooing at Mod 'n' Ink

** Please be aware that it is studio policy that Mod "n' Ink designs only leave the studio on the skin **

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